This is a tune of mone called Time For Change. It was it written sometime in 2007 and record in 2012. The band features 

Chad Leskowitz-Brown - Sax

Eden Ladin- Piano 

Sam Minaie- Bass

and myself on  drums

Here is example of some session work I have done. This Is from the most recect record of the Taiwanese pop band F.I.R. called Better Life. I was really excited to be a part of this record

This is my solo drums rendition of Thelonious Monk's Think Of One. Recorded in 2012

Andrew Gould- Sax

Eitan Kenner - Piano 

Des White - Bass

Jerad Lippi - Drums 

This is the first track of Ever Forthright's self titled record from 2011. So happy to be a part of this music. 

The above two tracks are a bootleg of a Jean Michel-Pilc gig of all improvised music from October 2013 at the 55 Bar. The band features:


Jean Michel-Pilc-Rhodes

John Beaty-Sax

Or Bareket- Bass

Jerad Lippi-Drums