This is the Ever Forthright video for Lost In Our Escape. I'm really proud to be a part of this band.

This video is one of four videos from my good friend Andrew Gould. Check him out!

The above two videos are from a gig at the 55 Bar in NYC from December of 2013 with Jean Michel-Pilc and Francois Moutin. Both have been long time favorite musicians of mine. Always an honor to play music with them 

A solo from a gig with Ever Forthright in Long Island in may of 2013 over the vamp at the end of Lost in Our Escape 

Here is example of some session work I've done. This is a music video from the Taiwanese pop band F.I.R. that I was fortunate enough to play drums on. 

Here is a video from my frst series of YouTube videos from back in 2010. This was a transcription of the original programed drum part of Song Of Solomon by Animals as Leaders