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"Jerad is quite simply one of the very best drummers I've come across in the last few years.

peerless technique, gorgeous sound, both at the service of a powerful musical mind, consistently surprising and challenging.

he has this surprisingly rare quality, which I haven't experienced that often in my musical life: he makes you play at your best level, just by being not at your service or at his, but at the service of music itself. every musician in the band becomes transcended by such pure musicianship." -Jean Michel-Pilc



Welcome To My New Website

August 25, 2014

This is where you can learn more about me and keep up to date about my upcoming gigs. Thanks for visiting!!

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E V E N T S​

August 28th, 2014 6-9pm

Yaniv Taubenhouse Trio w/Rick Rosato

Astor Room. Astoria NY

September 2, 2014. 8:30pm

Yaniv Taubenhouse Quartet w/Danny Janokochi and Sam MInaie

Corelia Street Cafe, NYC. 

August 30,2014

Silver Arrow Band

Private Event, NYC. 

August 31, 2014 9:30pm

Yaniv Taubenhouse Trio w/Rick Rosato

Metropolitin Room, NYC

September 6, 2014

Silver Arrow Band

Private Event 

September 9, 2014

Isaac Darche Group

The Garage, NYC

September 24, 2014

Nick Biello Trio w/John Benitez

Bar Next Door, NYC. 6:30


September 27, 2014

Jean Michel-Pilc "New Big One" Octet

Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY. 

October 1, 2014 8:30

Tom Chang Group

Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC. 


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